I have no problem putting an order in for $120 cleats for my daughter, $330 glove for my oldest son, $250 basketball clinic for my middle child or a $115 sweatshirt for my husband's Christmas gift....but when I see some jeans that I love for $125 or a shoes for $89, I think "I don't need them right now...they are too expensive".

Do you find yourself doing the same thing??  As I get older though, I am putting things into perspective and learning to treat myself like I treat my kids and my husband more often.  

But why do we do that??  Like the saying goes "we wouldn't speak to others how we speak to ourselves".  I am now saying this to myself "we wouldn't deprive others of necessities or gifts that they love so why do we do it to ourselves?"  

Starting now, I am giving myself permission to treat myself how I would treat others.  And I think you should too!  

I had written before about the value of your purchases.  I wanted to put your purchases into perspective.  If you think of how often you use your meticulously crafted Kathryn Brooke products and divide the cost by the amount of times you use your bags, bag straps or travel caddies, the cost per use is tiny!!  The initial investment may seem alot but the quality and life of the products outweighs the cost every time...!  

So next time you want to treat yourself, whether it be with a Kathryn Brooke product or another brand, know that you are worth it!!  Put yourself first!

Celebrating you,