It is something I often ask myself and others...."why do people spend LOADS OF MONEY on big name brand handbags?"

So I did a little research, aka googled articles on this subject.  I knew some of what they would say and I have wanted to speak on it for a while but I'm always so afraid of upsetting my customers and potential customers that I have always kept silent on the issue.  But if you don't love what I say, that is your absolute right!

What I read in multiple articles is that "some" women, not all of course, purchase big name brands because of the attention that it brings them and the lift it gives their self esteem.  Now, like I said, I know that's NOT ALL I'm not talking about you if this doesn't apply to you.

They also said that they like the experience of shopping in one of the big name brand stores because they are pampered.  I don't have a store front but when you work with me, you are treated as a special individual and I communicate directly with you and send a personalized thank you note because I appeciate each and every one of you that supports my small business.

I have to say it really bothers me when I read in these articles that the price of these big brand name bags has gone up, in some cases 14%, because of the price hike of some materials due to covid, and people are still flocking to buy them.  Is a bag really worth $3,000-$100,000+????   I understand all businesses are in it to make money but it is mind boggling to me.  And what puzzles me even more is why the decision is made to buy these accessories for that amount of money?

The thing that upset me most though was that a woman stated in the comments on one of the articles that she buys them because of the "skilled artisans in Europe".....  Are there no skilled artisans in the USA??    

I think that back in the day, meaning before the internet and social media, Europe seemed like such an exotic place.  But what I have learned in this day and age is that we are all the same, just living in different locations...  Social media has shed light on the fact that they are all just doing what we are doing over there.  The marketing back in the day was genius in making us think that if you bought something from Paris you were "fancy".  Remember all the ads with women with French accents.  I know my head was filled with that as I grew up.  But like I said, it was all marketing and it worked!    

Benefits of shopping Kathryn Brooke vs. Big Name Brand:

1.  Made right here in the USA by me vs. manufactured in a factory overseas 

2. Attainable luxury at a reasonable price vs. exhorbanant prices...

3.  Exceptional Customer Service from me vs. chasing down people to help you with any issues

4.  Personalization/Customization vs. you get what you're given

5.  A percentage of your purchase goes to supporting young ladies that take part in the non-profit after school program GIRLS ON THE RUN WORCESTER COUNTY.

6. Handmade by a skilled artisan vs. made by a skilled artisan (in some cases but not most). Not sure of the difference personally....!

I am amazed by the human psyche and am always trying to understand why certain choices are made.  And I have to think this way as I'm trying to grow my small brand.  I'd love to hear any feedback on the subject to help me understand!  

Until next time!

Always creating,