My first two children were boys so when I found out I was having a girl, I was so excited to be able to dress her up and help her pick out cute clothes as she got older...    found out that there was a slight problem with that plan.....she and I have totally different taste....

When we are shopping I will pull clothes off the rack that I think are adorable and she will politely say that she's not a fan and then will choose something that I would NEVER choose for her or myself.  I swear that every time she puts two shirts out and asks me to choose one, she crinkles her nose and says, "I was thinking the other one"....  so now I don't even bother!


I still try to influence her if I can and sometimes she sees my way but it's still always up to her.  And I love that she is so independent and likes what she likes no matter what anyone says.

The funny thing is is that I make accessories and she always wants me to make her jewelry and bags but she will use them for a minute and then she goes back to her old stuff that she's had for years.  

She's a creature of habit with her accessories unlike me who likes to change it up all the time...  So the one thing that I know she will change up once in a while are her hair accessories.  

When I saw that scrunchies were back, after fighting it for a bit, I decided that if I couldn't beat them, I'd join them, and make some fun scrunchies for her.  And I am now adding them to my line.  

I will be selling matching scrunchy and headband sets.  They are cute for any age!  

Check them out in the online store!