New Bag for Busy Women....

I am always trying to figure out how to make cute items that make our lives easier...  We are all super busy these days and I am sure you are like me where you are literally trying to juggle bags and cups and mail and trash from the car all in one trip!  

So I have made a new bag that you can wear every day and wear hands free in two different ways!  The New Wristlet is an old school wristlet with a twist...!  

Hands Free Wristlet Wallet for Women

Hands Free Wristlet Wallet for Women

You can wear it on your wrist with the handle or your can wear it on your hand/wrist without the handle!  So you will be completely handsfree and can carry all that you need to...

Check out all of the options I have in store...there will be more coming soon too!

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