I am choosing to focus on the positive....just my two cents

I am feeling great after a morning online workout provided by my awesome community leader at JTB Wellness!  This quarantine is not ideal but I am thankful that we live in a time that allows us to connect with the outside world like never before.  

No doubt that this is a crazy time...  As I keep telling the kids, and myself, it could be so much worse.  Yes we have to stay home but we are lucky to have all of the necessities... we have food, water, nice weather, electricity, heat and family...  

I am aware that small businesses, including mine, are definitely suffering but thankfully we are still able to communicate with our customers/clients.  And it is forcing us to think outside the box for new ways to connect and make a living.  I think this will only make us come out stronger...

The kids are able to keep their minds fresh by communicating with teachers and using fun academic games and apps.  We are spending alot of family time together and slowing down our lives that seem to be in warp speed mode a lot of the time.  We are seeing generosity and compassion of people through online and IRL acts of kindness.  

Believe me, it's not all sunshine and roses in this house...  there have been some arguments with one of my teenagers about his "being bored" and not understanding why I keep saying no to him going to his friends...  And I have to say extra prayers and believe that his guardian angels will watch over him as he has to go to work at the supermarket...  (Please only go out if you NEED to....help keep my kid safe) But overall, we are all making due and keeping ourselves occupied.

I wish this was not our reality right now but it is.  And I am CHOOSING TO FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.   As I say, it could be worse...

I hope you are all well and doing your part.  See you all on the other side of this!

XO, Kathryn


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